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Circle Pay App

What is Circle?

Circle is a social payments app which allows you to send money instantly and securely to someone by just knowing their phone number or email address.  

How to download

Download using this link or from the App store/Google play and put GB43QV into Promo Codes under settings.

How to pay

Register and link your card, then just send the money to [email protected]


Circle is fully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, which protects consumers. Circle doesn't store any of your card or account details. Plus, these features help keep your account safe:

  • AI Risk Engine - Using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, this artificial intelligence tool continuously protects you, your money and your information
  • Account Locks - Set up a PIN, Touch ID or password/authentication manager (e.g., 1Password or Google Authenticator)
  • Payment Limits - Set a maximum of what you can send in 24 hours and we'll text you to verify if it's exceeded
  • Log-in Manager - Monitor your active sessions with Circle (and log out if you need to) 

If you have any queries regarding using the Circle Pay App, you can reach me on [email protected]